Jamaica Inn

Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks - Jamaica Inn CD/LP/MP3

Stanley Brinks (aka. Andre Herman Dune) with members from Bergen Mandolinband & I Was a King in the Lowland Wood of folk and antifolk. ORDER NOW

Tromsø, Kaptein

Robyn Hitchcock - Tromsø, Kaptein CD/LP/MP3

8 new Robyn Hitchcock compositions as well as a re-recording of ‘Raining Twilight Coast’ from EYE and a new Norwegian language version of 'Goodnight Oslo'.  ORDER


Joshua Stamper - Interstitials LP/MP3

 Sharing the playfulness and strangeness of Robert Wyatt or the snow-hushed power of Morton Feldman, Joshua Stamper (Danielson, I Was a King) writes the place where sharp focus meets the big picture. Interstitials.. ORDER

Stapte Renault 7"

Skjelvekommode - Stapte Renault 7"

Debut single from Skjelvekommode - the magic that happens when Frank Tønnesen (Tønes) and Frode Strømstad (I Was A King) meet and play around. Mixed by Nick Terry. ORDER